Linz, Landesnervenklinik Wagner Jauregg, 2005
commissioned work, permanent installation

Momentaufnahme (snapshot)

Six art objects that belong to a complete ensemble and whose function is at first unclear have been standing on a lawn since summer of 2005. This piece of lawn is located on one of the public routes crossing the terrain. The objects resemble punching balls by the way they look and can be moved. Pink plastic balls have been mounted on steel rods mounted permanently in the ground. The rods have been equipped with springs. When pressure or force is exerted on the balls, the rods give way and bounce back rhythmically with a clicking sound when let go of. The art objects are intended to be used for the installation that can be seen from the distance. This installation with the title “Momentaufnahme” (snapshot) only unfolds its full potential in interaction. For the artist Judith Huemer the installation has given rise to a “place of communication and learning”. The surface of lawn, which was originally supposed to be more of a marginal or transitional situation, has become transformed into a venue of meeting or action, which already this summer was used, by patients and visitors in this new function. “The sculpture is designed to be a communication station, demanding action from the passers-by – be it embracing each other, tapping each other or simply casually making each other oscillate while the person giving the impulse moves on both mentally and physically,” as the artist herself states. (Excerpt from press release by Andrea Hubin 2005)

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