Kulturschloss Reichenau/Austria, 2013
Stadtgalerie Salzburg, 2012
Arsenals, Latvian National Museum of Art, 2009
Nexus Kunsthalle Saalfelden/Austria, 2008/09
Museo Coleccao Berardo Lisbon, 2008
Galerie Eugen Lendl Graz, 2007
Künstlerhaus Vienna, 2006
Museum of Contemporary Art Monastery Admont, 2006


„The point of departure of my multi-part photo series is the body and human movement. I‘m interested in creating imagery, which is informed by a dynamic of changing directions and overlaps, sharp details and blurred materiality. Both in the composition of my pictures and in the positioning of the photographs I dispense with a clearly defined top and bottom.“ In 2004 Huemer developed a series of works titled „balance of mind“. In her dual role as both choreographer and actor the artist performed in textile, patterned jumpsuits before the camera in her studio. Huemer bought the textiles used for this piece at the Mexikoplatz in Vienna. – Mexicoplatz is one of Vienna’s “melting-pot” areas, where east and west, diverging cultural and religious backgrounds, history and modern urban life merge or co-exist or clash, yielding an appropriately pulsating and fermenting background to Huemer’s textile acquisition activities.She simply couldn‘t resist the brilliance and intense colors of these blankets! She created these costumes without using a pattern, by simply placing the blankets on her body. The resulting jumpsuits gave the artist the most freedom of movement and at the same time allowed her to appear as an anonymous body. Huemer ascribed a separate movement choreography to each type of overall that differs from the others in terms of pattern and color. The spectrum ranges from cowering on the ground to sweeping body movements in all directions. Gravity determines her movements. To liberate herself from the governing law Huemer works with the means of digital processing. A coexistence and superposition of color, form and patterns has resulted in multi-dimensional imagery - creations of universes or a universe of movements. The bodies can still be deciphered as bodies. However, given the condensation by means of montage they become an impenetrable, multi-dimensional structure of shapes. In „mexicoish“, a series of works that Huemer began in 2005, the analogous stage has become an exclusive experimental platform. For the first time the artist does not appear as the actor before the camera. Huemer does the choreography of a family. Two adults and two children merge in a structures and forms that transcend the spatial setting. The performative process is entirely staged and realized in analogous space, i.e., the composition of the picture develops with several persons at the same time- persons clad in patterned jumpsuits. The transformation of the human body takes place through the costume, which makes the laws of space malleable. „The resulting hybrids visualize relational structures. I like to see them as an alphabet of movement. Body movements represent a continuous flow, something governed by gravity and something that can be analyzed. They usually follow certain paths and codes. I‘m interested in created a dynamic that is determined by changing directions and overlaps of movement and space, transcending conventional constellations of body and space.“ Whereas in the balance of mind series Huemer is primarily interested in movement and form, in mexicoish her focus shifts more to individual structures of form.

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