Fotogalerie Vienna, 2009
Nexus Kunsthalle Saalfelden/Austria, 2008/09
Kunsthalle Krems/Austria, 2000

Judith, you are no longer 17

"Judith, you are no longer 17" was the title of a video made by Judith Huemer. It is exemplary for her work which - often very direct, personal and offensive - could be read as the artist's visual autobiography, with the most everyday situations leaving the greatest imprint. For Huemer they are also an occasion to make very diverse statements that cannot be linked to just one medium. Such statements are also what give her oeuvre their immediacy. Often developed in a number of steps, it also cannot not be immediately grasped in reality. Performances - live and interactive or also just for the camera - are translated into videos that are then the concentrated versions of the original moment. Chain-stitch drawings separate what takes place from real space. Or: photographs take advantage of the density of a two-dimensional pictorial space. And: Judith Huemer can generally be encountered in the dual role of both a narrator and a protagonist. An intrinsic quality of all of her works is the intensity that a commitment to a "beautiful life" demands - including melancholy, pain and the fleetingness of a given moment. Ruth Horak, 2005

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