MuseumsQuartier, Vienna 2002
A one-night performative intervention
A mobile sculpture of 600 large balloons

DA BIN ICH (Here I am)

I’m interested in a pulsating sculptural mise-en-scene related to the architecture of the newly designed Museumsquartier. Temporarily filling the area with haptic objects, creating a physical presence. The human-sized balloons are deliberately filled with air, i.e., the balloons lie on the ground and are moved by environmental influences. I’m not interested in the event character of the balloon but in the process of assimilation taking place between architecture, object and viewer. The change in dimension is important to me. I see the installation as a stimulus. The viewers become actors. The intervention as a moving sculpture, which begins at one place and spreads throughout the entire area then goes beyond it – by bus, subway and through apartments. Objects, moments, memories and thoughts are carried on. GUIDITTA Begun as a narrative form in the park of the Austrian Cultural Institute in Rome, I study the object of air-filled, human-sized balloons in various urban settings. I finally travel to the desert of Tunisia. There I am interested in the process of moving and assimilating the object in an extensive space not informed by architecture.

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