MdM Museum der Moderne Salzburg, 2013, 2012, 2006
Nexus Kunsthalle Saalfelden/Austria, 2008/09
art matters, Munich
Museum of Contemporary Art Monastery of Admont/Austria, 2006
Fotogalerie Vienna, 2004/05
art frankfurt, 2004
ega lounge, Vienna, 2003

balance of mind

For “balance of mind” (2004), a five-part series of large-format Lambda prints, Huemer adopts a new approach, developing an autonomy of imagery in addition to the autobiographic and performative character of her works. Performance is exclusively translated into reality in the photographic image. If movement had been something continuous, governed by gravity and subject to analysis, and space an urban, everyday ambience, then movement and space here suddenly come under the sway of a dynamic of changing directions and overlaps, sharp details and blurred matter, making the conventional constellations of space and body appear obsolete. And whatever can be deciphered as a body has become an impenetrable, multi-dimensional structure thanks to the density of assembly. Space-dissolving and disorienting, the arms and legs in the richly patterned over-all impression create a kind of maelstrom in which the artist sucks us into a different world – into one that is uniquely hers.

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